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This section covers recent events of interest, not only to scientists, but to the lay public as well.

A Resolution of the Revolution

Nature, well-being, and life – These are some of the things that the hue of green is mostly known for. Whenever we see this hue, we immediately associate it with the environment. Say, a company’s logo with a stroke of green on it will most likely suggest that they are environmentalists. A restaurant building painted green might invite health-conscious eaters.

Probing the “World’s Best”

The UN has hailed the Philippines' climate change laws as the world's best. But why are they the best? What metrics were used? In this article, MO summer intern Nydia Verdadero, a DevCom major at UP Los Banos, examines the claim by raising questions and inviting us all to think critically on the issue.

What Colors Can Do

The paint used for the murals in EDSA is not just any ordinary paint. It is an air purifying paint which contains a chemical that reacts to light and eventually makes air pollutants harmless to human health. Find out more about Boysen KNOxOUT.

People are aware about climate change - But do they even care?

Climate change has always been discussed at the macro level: all the information presented is general and basic regardless of your locality, culture, belief, and practices. There is an assumption that once you receive the general information about climate change, you would care

Science Communication: Having the Best of Both Worlds?

Science and communication: two different fields with different perspectives, each field having its own unique point of view. Sometimes they can spar; but somehow, they meet at one strong point, agreeing to their matching realities

Views and Misconceptions of Science Communication

With the fast evolution of society, a lot of new research fields have emerged. Some come from a certain field, like technology; while others come from two different fields. An example of the combination of two different fields that is currently gaining prominence is “science communication”

What Makes Climate Change Communication So Special – and Difficult?

Climate change communication might sound simple. All you need to do is simplify climate change concepts, and then tell people that they should save the earth, right?

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