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In this special Klima series, Fr. Badillo provides us a glimpse of how science plays a large role in our everyday lives. Nothing is ever mundane or non-descript - not when every event has a taste of science.

Fr. Victor Badillo, S.J. is a Filipino Jesuit astronomer who has spent decades studying the skies, as well as writing about science. Fr. Badillo once served as the director of the Manila Observatory. He has a PhD in Physics - and has an asteroid named after him.

Instant Steam by Solar Heating of Nanoparticles in Water

Nanoparticles in water can convert solar energy directly to steam and is more efficient than solar panels. Initial applications include sanitation and water purification in developing countries with no electricity.

Nano Lechon

When lechon Is served, the crispy skin is the first to disappear. How can one have pigs with abundant skin? The answer may be found in the ratio of the area of the surface of a sphere to its volume, which is proportional to 1/r, where r is the radius. The smaller the r, the greater the ratio.

Using LED Lights for Savings and Less Air Pollution

Starting 1 October 2012, traffic and pedestrian signal lights in 159 intersections in Metro Manila are brighter and more energy efficient after the Department of Energy has spent P24.7 million in retrofitting them with light emitting diodes (LED).

Cool Roofs

What makes cool roofs a cool way to keep the planet cool? In this new article for Taste of Science, Fr. Victor Badillo, SJ talks about the advantages of cool roofs and how they can help save the planet.

Astronomical Discoveries of Galileo

We've just observed the transit of Venus, but did you know that Galileo studied Venus hundreds of years ago? And did you know that Galileo's observations and calculations have aided generations of astronomers? Find out more about Galileo in this new article by Fr. Victor Badillo.

Measuring the Size of the Earth

Did you know that an ancient astronomer already knew that the earth was round - long before the Age of Exploration? Find out more about Eratosthenes and his measurements in this new article by Fr. Badillo.

Why is the Night Sky Dark?

The question might seem silly, but the answer lies in the physical properties of the universe. Find out why the night sky is dark in this new essay by Fr. Badillo

The Baptism of Prince William

In this new article, Fr. Badillo looks at how the water and air we use today connect us with our ancestors, and even Jesus himself

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