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This page has a random selection of the many terms that you can find in our glossary. Scroll through the alphabetically-arranged list for definitions of terms commonly found in the climate change literature. You can also check out our links page for more information on climate change and the sources for these definitions.

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Developing Countries
A term used within the convention process to categorize poorer, or industrializing, countries
Energy Efficiency
Refers to the more efficient use of energy, or doing more tasks using the least amount of energy possible. Various products out on the market allow consumers to achieve this even at home. For instance, compact flourescent lamps (CFLs) can be substituted for the less energy efficient incandescent bulbs.
Carbon compounds that contain the halogens (chlorine, bromine, or flourine). These can act as greenhouse gases and enhance the greenhouse effect.
Montreal Protocol
An international agreement restricting the production of CFCs in order to protect the ozone layer.
Mountain Region Warming
Refers to the increase in temperatures of regions at higher elevations, such as those on mountains.
Renewable Energy
An energy source that renews itself, as well as the energy created by sources that are not used up or depleted. Renewable energy is produced from resources such as biomass, solar radiation, the wind, water, or heat from the Earth's interior.
In the context of climate change, vulnerability often refers to four sectors (forests, water, livestock, and agriculture) that will suffer due to changes in climate.
Zero Emissions
Refers to the zero release of greenhouse gases (GHG) into the atmosphere. This can be done through the generation of electric power using renewable energy (RE) sources such as solar panels, wind turbine, micro hydro, and ocean or wave energy.
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