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Climate 101

Climate 101

A rainbow under a blue sky.

Climate is a complex system of variables, and it can be difficult to explain, much less predict. Climate 101 will help you understand the basics of climate and how you can help curb the impacts of climate change.

In this section, you will be introduced to various aspects of climate and climate change. In our Climate Primer, you will learn the basics of climate change and why we, as humans, need to change how we live and use our resources.

Find answers to your frequently asked questions, get a regular dose of trivia on climate change, and find out what certain terms mean in the climate change context. Climate 101 will help you know your climate, and your world, better.

In This Section

Climate Primer

This climate primer will help you understand the basic concepts that surround climate and climate change. It will introduce you to the role of policy in climate change, and why mitigation and adaptation are necessary. Finally, this primer will provide advice on how you can help curb the impacts of climate change.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section explores frequently asked questions about climate change and provides answers to them based on current scientific research.

(Trivia) Did you know?

Learn quick facts about climate change, the world we live in, and the weather, too.


Find the definitions to terms commonly used when experts talk about climate change.

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